1. Nice actually delivered!
    I bought a PS4 package thinking I was going to get scammed but it has been delivered pretty fast in 2 hours only! I bought the Platinum ps4 package and it was worth it, thank you very much! I will recommend this site to my friends :)
    Submitted 21-06-2020 by HilsKing in Testimonials
  2. Good
    thanks for ps4 package very fast delivered. will buy again! gold package <3
    Submitted 01-05-2020 by Helium in Testimonials
  3. Wow its real
    Got my PS4 order delivered in less than a day and it was flawless, Fuck has helped me on Discord all the way! paid for the gold package and i though it was a scam but it is not, thank you!
    Submitted 19-04-2020 by Omg in Testimonials
  4. Amazing
    Super fast delivery, within minutes not hours. Ajax is talented and super patient! Currently sitting in my casino penthouse as tears of joy fall onto the infinity swimming pool.
    Brian Flores
    Submitted 21-02-2020 by Brian Flores in Testimonials
  5. Gold Package
    Got it very fast, trustworthy guy. Cheap prices and talks you through it one on one.
    Submitted 19-02-2020 by Dogbeaters97 in Testimonials
  6. Impressive
    I bought the Silver package!!!got eveything within a few minutes!!? Easy and quick! Great job!
    Submitted 18-02-2020 by moonknight in Testimonials
  7. Gta t gold package
    Trustworthy and reliable will buy again for sure. Better than other non reliable sites which take tons of time to complete an order.
    Submitted 17-02-2020 by DevBhutani in Testimonials
  8. Couldn’t believe it
    Don’t be skeptical. It’s fast, cheaper than the rest, you talk directly to the owner, and they will walk you through everything. I bought the gold package. It’s been on there over a day and no sign of rockstar interference. I’m shocked it worked, but it did! %100 will buy again
    Submitted 17-02-2020 by lwigington in Testimonials
  9. Gta 5 gold package
    Cheap, reliable and fast af 100℅ legit, will buy again
    just adarsh
    Submitted 17-02-2020 by just adarsh in Testimonials
  10. Gta5 pc gold package
    Awesome product, would recommend, definitely using this again for my next order, 100% legit, even got bonus money
    Brandon Klein
    Submitted 17-02-2020 by Brandon Klein in Testimonials
  11. Best Mod Service!!
    Bought roubles for EFT and got them pretty quickly. Definitely happy with how it went!! 10/10
    Submitted 15-02-2020 by Bluballzz in Testimonials
  12. Bruh
    Great service, I informed him that i placed my order and not 2 minutes later he was already working on my order, also has great one-on-one customer service -thx Ajax
    Chandler Sherman
    Submitted 15-02-2020 by Chandler Sherman in Testimonials
  13. Legit??????
    Thought it was a scam 100% but then it happened took the risk and well worth it, me and my brother got it, if you ever need proof join the discord or add pandagod<3#5482 its legit.
    Submitted 14-02-2020 by FragmentedPanda in Testimonials
  14. Best modding service!!
    this service was so good and easy to order and super fast he told me I couldn’t login and after 10 min he was already done and I could play again and I had all my stuff I ordered and that for only 25$ Thanks Ajax and I will definitely order some more if I would need more! Greets CheffKevin!
    Submitted 13-02-2020 by CheffKevin in Testimonials
  15. PC Package
    Great service, secure and fast! Got my stuff in less than 20min......Make sure you go on discord too!
    Submitted 12-02-2020 by moonknight in Testimonials
  16. The One
    Fast and easy process. trustworthy people. got 50k and 500 gold bars in rdr2o within 30 min.
    Cameron Magliozzi
    Submitted 12-02-2020 by Cameron Magliozzi in Testimonials
  17. cheap and legit
    The delivery is super fast, the discord server is enjoyable and the owner is active on it. I really recommend this and the price is really good.
    Submitted 12-02-2020 by obleck in Testimonials
  18. THE BEST
    I literally got my 2 billion and rank 810 in GTA V and it literally took 30 minutes. It was so fast and I would really recommend it.
    Submitted 10-02-2020 by Jabrom_Lames80 in Testimonials
  19. Ajax is legit!
    I bought the PC 5$ package and it legit and fast. This will hold me over till the PS4 packages come! Will be first to buy.
    Submitted 10-02-2020 by Jaqen in Testimonials
  20. Legit and fast
    Bought a bronze and this dude finished it in less than 30minutes
    Submitted 08-02-2020 by julius015 in Testimonials